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Driving Under the Influence is taken very seriously by law enforcement. That is why there is a special unit in the District Attorney (aka DA) office dedicated to prosecute DUI cases. That’s why you need the best representation.

Misdemeanor DUI

Many good people get charged with misdemeanor DUI. You had a few drinks at the restaurant, you don’t have a front license plate on your car or a brake light is out, and, presto, you’re handcuffed, taken to jail, and charged with DUI.

Practical Consequences of DUI Conviction

DUI charges can lead to harsh consequences – including imprisonment, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, costly and time-consuming DUI classes and counseling, fines, fees, search of your person and residence for alcohol or drugs without a warrant (say goodbye to your 4th amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures), loss of job or employment opportunities, and revocation of professional licenses, among other things

Felony DUI

Typically, felony DUI cases involve multiple prior convictions or a collision in which somebody is injured or killed. Depending on the evidence in the case, second degree murder charges may be lurking. State Prison is what the DA is likely to seek.

We Look At The Law Differently

Daniel Ledford Can Help

Daniel Ledford, DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer and former Butte County Deputy District Attorney, uses his vast experience to get clients the best possible results. Daniel Ledford is ready to take your case to trial and force the DA to prove the charges to twelve impartial jurors. If the charges you face are partially valid, Daniel Ledford is prepared to negotiate a fair resolution of your criminal case (such as reduction of charges or dismissal). And, in most cases, Daniel Ledford will make the court appearances for you so you can focus on your other responsibilities. Please call for additional information and appointment.