Domestic violence is a serious problem in our society; that’s why there are specialist prosecutors in the District Attorney (aka DA) office dedicated to prosecute domestic violence cases. That’s why you need the best representation.

Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

Some misdemeanor domestic violence cases border on the absurd. An argument among spouses, domestic partners, cohabitants, or those in a dating relationship leads to one person getting in another person’s space and somebody pushes the other person away. Police arrive, ask how you are related and what happened, and the next thing you know somebody is hauled off to jail and charged with domestic violence.

Felony Domestic Violence

Typically, felony domestic violence cases involve traumatic injury to the victim. We are way beyond pushing when it comes to felony cases. We’re talking about significant bruising, contusions, bleeding, medical or prenatal complications, or, perhaps, broken eye-sockets, bones, and a host of traumatic conditions. Depending on the evidence in the case, attempted murder charges may be lurking.

Practical Consequences of Domestic Violence Conviction

Domestic violence charges can lead to harsh consequences – including imprisonment, loss of custody or visitation rights with your children, costly and time-consuming batterers’ treatment programs, fines, fees, firearms prohibitions (say good-bye to your second amendment rights), search of your person and residence without a warrant (say good-bye to your 4th amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures), deportation, loss of job or employment opportunities, and revocation of professional licenses, among other things.

Daniel Ledford Can Help

Daniel Ledford, Domestic Violence & Criminal Defense Lawyer and former Butte County Deputy District Attorney, uses his vast experience to get clients the best possible results.

Daniel Ledford is ready to take your case to trial and force the DA to prove the charges to twelve impartial jurors.

If the charges you face are partially valid, Daniel Ledford is prepared to negotiate a fair resolution of your criminal case (such as reduction of charges or dismissal).

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